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We design our custom low-calorie diet plan directly with the patient, according to her/his eating habits and family routine, giving her/him all the support of our medical experience.


The ketogenic/high-protein diet is a useful and practical tool to obtain a rapid and physiological loss of weight in most kinds of overweight patients. In addition, the high-protein diet is very effective even in patients with localized fat deposits.

Compared to the traditional diet, the ketogenic diet offer many advantages.

Rapid weight loss (within 10/15 days you can get a reduction of 3/5 kg in fat mass and a significant decrease in body volume).

The sense of hunger totally disappears within 48 -72 hours thanks to the effects of ketone bodies on the encephalus.

Maintenance of lean body mass: thanks to the amino acids contribution, the weight loss is achieved mainly at the expense of fat body mass.

Control of risk factors associated with obesity (lowering of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and mean values ​​of systolic and diastolic values​​).


The nutrigenetic diet is now ​possible as a result of the decoding of the genetic code (DNA) and, in particular, of the genes that are involved in the metabolism. Obviously these genes have different characteristics based on the individual and they can be studied with a simple genetic test (throat swab).

Starting from nutrigenetics you can get to the individual nutrition level, detecting those particular substances that can be an essential nutrient for you, yet they are not for another person; moreover it is possible to identify the nutritional requirements according to your specific genetic information and to develop a customized (genetic) diet plan, designed to prevent many of the most common pathologies (eg. cardiovascular problems, diabetes, obesity, etc.). This diet plane can always be followed, especially in the maintenance phase after a low calorie diet.