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Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine meets the growing demand for physical and psychological well-being, combining medical knowledge and the ideal of beauty at all ages.

Biorevitalization is an innovative technique that makes it possible to recover the tone and elasticity of the young skin; through the injection of specific substances in the derma and epidermis, this technique recovers the tone and bright color of the facial, neck, décolleté and hand area skin.

(replenishing of wrinkles, correction of the lip contour and shape, modeling of cheeks)
The filler is a technique for replenishing the soft tissue deficit making use of various substances, including hyaluronic acid (normally present in the skin, it tends to decrease with age), to reduce the depth of wrinkles and to correct the contours of the face. This method is used to give volume and tone to the lips and the cheeks.

In aesthetic medicine the laser treatments are used to correct and improve many skin irregularities and pathologies by removing a very thin layer of tissue without damaging the surrounding areas.

This are an extremely precise treatments that offer effective results.

The botulin neurotoxin, when injected, causes a complete muscle relaxation of the injected area.
It is commonly used in the treatment of forehead wrinkles, glabellar folds and periorbital wrinkles. Results can last up to 4-6 months.
In the treatment of hyperhidrosis, results can last up to 8-12 months.

The Full Face Treatment is a therapeutic approach that combines various techniques to contrast the effects of skin aging. Every kind of skin loses tone over time, so proportions and volumes of the face change: the cheeks become hollow, the chin loses volume and the face flatten downwards.
The proposed treatment replenishes the volume to the face in a natural way, to turn up exactly as it was before, the deepest wrinkles and sagging cheeks disappear and the facial contours are restored.
Mesotherapy is one of the most known and most used techniques for the treatment of cellulite.
It is based on the subcutaneous injection of a cocktail of drugs which varies according to the pathology.

This is a technique to reduce localized fat deposits through the injection into the dermis of a drug derived from soy (phosphatidylcholine solution) which acts "deflating" the fat cells.

Sclerosing treatment of defects caused by peripheral venous insufficiency (capillaropathy).

Non invasive and painless treatment using ultrasound waves which works on the fat cells in the adipose layer of the skin (abdomen, thighs, hips ....). If offers effective results in body shaping and it is a good alternative or complement to liposuction surgery.

Non invasive and painless treatment which applies a light mechanical action on all skin layers, mainly focused on the fat cells of the hypodermis. This special tissue gymnastics rebalances the connective tissue and stimulates blood and lymphatic flow helping to restore proper metabolic exchange. Your body will be more harmonious and your skin more toned and smooth.

IInnovative equipment that combines vacuum suction, mechanical massage, bipolar radiofrequency and infrared light. The treatment is highly effective against imperfections caused by cellulite and localized adiposities, reducing the circumferences and reshaping and toning every part of the body

Laser treatment that removes unwanted hair in 6/10 treatments. It requires a maintenance treatment once a year. The best period of the year for this procedure is from October to March, when the skin is non tanned.